Wearing Alternative Wedding Dresses on Your Big Day

Wearing Alternative Wedding Dresses on Your Big Day

Alternative wedding dresses are great option for those who want to be different on their wedding with either a colored dress or a dress that is shorter and funkier. The tradition of white wedding dress comes from the Victorian era from Queen Victoria herself, who was married to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha on Feb 10, many years ago.

Red was a very popular color for brides in Victoria’s day, but the young queen chose lacy white silk-satin gown for her wedding. Victoria’s gown imparted purity and simplicity. Today’s wedding dresses take after Victoria in its style with its fitted bodice and full, floor-length skirt.

What are the alternative wedding dresses?

If you ask me to list all the alternative dresses, I would not be able to do it. There are a lot of alternative if you search for it. Just ask what you want your dresses to be, and traditional wedding gown is not the answer. You may get short dress, colored as in not white, dress with pattern, there are so many alternatives!

Why would we want alternative dress and not the traditional one?

There are a number of reasons. Maybe you feel insecure about your arms and thus want sleeved dress, maybe you want to appear as yourself and not the fairytale-princess, too-precious-to-move version of you, or maybe you feel bored wearing the same styled gown for your second or third wedding. Whatever the reason, alternative wedding dress rocks!