The Uniqueness of Ethiopian Wedding Dress

Ethiopian wedding is the most popular wedding ceremony in the world. As we know Ethiopia one of the countries that are on the African continent that have a lot of uniqueness such as traditional clothes, culture, traditional dances, traditional ceremony and the wedding ceremony. In addition, Ethiopia also has a culture unique weddings and ceremonies. This wedding is usually held in a festive and luxurious. Even in certain ethnic-group the wedding ceremonies usually held for 7 days. Besides, the uniqueness of the wedding ceremony, There are also few things that are unique in Ethiopian’s wedding, among others are:

Ethiopian wedding dress

Each country has its own peculiarities wedding dress as well as Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a unique wedding dress. The bride and groom use a dome-shaped crown at the time of the wedding ceremony. The groom wore a kind of cloak with detail and style typical of the region Ethiopia and the bride usually use henna to beautify her hands. Because of the uniqueness, the Ethiopian’s wedding dress is often used as an option for couples who will get married in almost all over the world.

Guests’s Dress

Not just the bride and groom who use unique dress the invited guests also wear a unique Ethiopian’s dress which is called habessa. Habessa is a long dress with a typical ornament from Ethiopia usually is on the neck or waist.