The Sweet Sparklers for Wedding Party

The Sweet Sparklers for Wedding Party

Sparklers for wedding are usually used as part of the wedding favors. However, it also becomes part of the peak of the wedding. It is suitable for a wedding party in the evening. You can ask the invited guests and friends to light a sparkler when you and your spouse cut the wedding cake. It can also be held at the end of the party to warm the atmosphere.

Sparklers For Wedding Favors

The idea of using sparkler favors has become a trend in society. It has a very deep philosophical value, especially for the happiness and joy of the party. You can hold a DIY project to make these favors. All you need is a sparkler sticks and some sweeteners such as decorative wrapping plastic and paper scraps. Choose heart-shaped sparkler to symbolize eternal love.

The Colorful Sparklers

Sparkler can be used as a substitute for a candle light. It can increase the romantic shades, especially for outdoor wedding like garden beach wedding. Light the sparklers with the night sky and the stars as background. It will be the most dramatic moments in your life. For the decoration, you can add some lanterns that hung in the tree branches.