The Special Courthouse Wedding

The Special Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse wedding is different ideas of others. It uses the courthouse as the marriage altar even a place for the wedding reception party. This unique concept is often applied by American wedding. The brides also often use this location as a pre-wedding photo background. This concept is usually applied by those who work in the legal institutions such as lawyers, judges, advocates and others.

Why choose courthouse wedding concept?

There are many reasons underlying this concept. It looks very unique and exclusive. Although it is held in the courthouse, it applies a very simple idea ranging from choosing the wedding dress to the decor of the room. So, you do not need a big budget to realize this idea.

What about wedding dress?

As the wedding in general, this concept tends to use white as the dominant color. You can combine short wedding dress with lace. This will make the bride look feminine and sweet. Short dresses are still in demand for this concept because it makes women look casual yet classy. In addition, you are free to choose any hairstyle as long as it matches with your dresses and accessories. Do not forget to prepare a bouquet of red roses to brighten your happy day.