The Colorful Peacock Wedding Party

The Colorful Peacock Wedding Party

Peacock wedding can be a very smart concept for those of you who want to liven up the party. You can use a variety of colors and ornaments that are associated with the peacock as a part of the decoration. Your wedding room will be filled with contrasting colors like green, purple and blue. To present the impression of luxury and elegant, you can combine these contrast colors with gold and silver accents.

Prepare your budget for peacock wedding

If you want to be total in decorating your wedding, you should use a real peacock feathers. It probably is not cheap because everyone knows that peacock is a rare animal species. However, if you love the animal, it would be much better if you use an artificial peacock ornament. This is cheaper and of course can protect the peacock from extinction.

The peacock favors

In order for your unique wedding is not easily forgotten by all guests, you need to perform a specific strategy. You can make or order a special favor with peacock shades either color or shape. Add flowers accent to beautify your favor. You have to think of all the details so your peacock concept does not become a flat and boring idea.