The Colorful Peacock Dresses

The Colorful Peacock Dresses

Peacock dresses have the unique and powerful color blends. As we know, peacock feathers are very beautiful. It becomes an inspiration for designers to create dress based on the color and pattern of the feathers. It can be used for a variety of dresses both for formal and informal models. Many people order the peacock mini dresses. Its attractive color combination is effective to radiate the glamor side of a woman.

Peacock dresses for party

You need to know that the design of this dress can be camisole, short skirts and long dresses. The making process is started from the preparation, crating the design, preparing tools and materials, taking the size, making the basic patterns, changing the pattern according to the model, determining materials and price and making the pattern to the actual size. In addition, the sewing process must also be done carefully and thoroughly.

The color combination for the dress

If you use the original peacock feathers, you should be careful to attach it to the dress folds because the feathers are very easily damaged and broken. The basic colors that are often applied to emphasize the impression of elegance are the mixture of green and blue. You can also add a few accents of black and dark purple in some parts. As information, this dress is also often used as the dress code.