Sunflower Wedding Theme

Sunflower Wedding Theme

Sunflower wedding theme is very suitable for you who are cheerful and vivacious. Sunflowers are one of the flowers loved by many people. However, there are not so many people that use the flower as the theme of their wedding. Thus if you hold your wedding with this theme, it will be a very unique and unordinary wedding, especially for the outdoor one.

Sunflower Wedding for An Adorable Moment

Sunflowers can be an adorable flower for a wedding ceremony. The bright yellow petals represent sunny and cheerful soul, while the dark center adds a dramatic touch to the ceremony. They are also perfect complement of a wedding ceremony in country style. If you are a sunflower lover and want to have it as your wedding theme, plan your wedding in the summer. It is the time where sunflower beautifully bloom.

Some Ideas For This Wedding Theme

First, you can impress your guests by covering the guest tables with embroidered white table clothes. Complete the tables with yellow napkins. Do not forget to add a vase of sunflowers on it. The next idea is related to the bride’s wedding gown. Simple white embroidered gown is a good idea. Putting some little sunflowers on the bride’s hair is also awesome. For the bouquet, you may hold a bunch of sunflowers or you can mix them with other flowers like daisies, roses, or even eucalyptuses. The last but the most interesting idea is preparing some packages of sunflower seeds as the gift for your guest so that they can grow them at their own garden.