Serve the Guests with Candy Bar Wedding

Candy bar wedding is a good idea to be provided at your wedding reception. If you want to hold a wedding, there are many things you must prepare, included the food and beverage. To serve your guest the best meal, you can provide candy bar. It will be liked not only by kids but also the adults.

Tips For Preparing Candy Bar Wedding

Before serving the candy bar, you should know how to prepare it. First is of course to choose the candies that will be put in the buffet. You can pick the candies with variant types of flavor, or ingredient like gluten free, safe for diabetic and vegetarian cadies. Second, you have to make sure that you serve enough candies for all of your guests. The last is about to decorate the bar.

Candy Bar Decoration For Wedding

You have to decorate the candy bar in attractive look. Beside to choose the candies in various beautiful colors, you should choose the container design. It is better to pick the transparent material like glass for the candy’s place. Then, beautify it with ribbon. After that, don’t forget to decorate the bar or buffets. You can use ribbon, flower, or even the balloons to make it more attractive.

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