Rustic Wedding Dresses for Women

Rustic wedding dresses are completely classic and beautiful. Most women love to wear this kind of dress especially in the summer. Why in the summer? Of course, it will be definitely adorable, because the classic look will be blend with the sand and the summer haze. Rustic and vintage things are getting popular in these 5 years, because many designer and actresses start to reintroduce the modern combined with classic style dress.

Choosing Rustic Wedding Dresses

About how to choose the rustic wedding dress, you need to match it with your wedding ceremony. If you are going to hold wedding ceremony in formal way, it is better for you to wear the rustic A-line, empire, or overskirt dresses. In the other side, if you are going to hold an informal wedding party, it will be great to wear knee length rustic dress or another relaxing dress that shows the simplicity and cheerfulness.

Rustic Wedding Dress for Men

Men also have to pay attention for what to wear in the wedding. Rustic theme is also one of the most awesome wedding themes in this era. For men, it is a must to wear a suit in the wedding, but in rustic wedding theme, men should not wear the ordinary suit. Old school suit with pale brown color and classic vest will show the awesomeness and harmony between the groom and the bride.