Please Touch Museum Wedding Review

Please Touch Museum Wedding Review

Please touch museum wedding is the special place where you can have your wedding party. This kind of place is very special. The glamorous thing comes from the design of this place. You will be amazed if you come as the invitation in this wedding place. Capacity for this museum is also big. You can invite more than 400 people. The ballroom of this museum can be designed as what you want.

Please touch museum wedding review

Many people have has wedding party in this place. There is some good and bad review. However many reviewers said that this place is very good to be used. In other word, this place has many more goods review than bad review. Reviewers stated that they are satisfied when they use this museum as the wedding place.

What kind of theme?

Because of the museum design is an old design so that the best theme to be applied is the classic wedding theme. Classic is identic with gold so that it is in line with the museum color. The museum color is gold. If you use classic wedding theme, you should also wear classic wedding dress. You can use gold wedding dress so that you will be very beautiful.