Organizing Hello Kitty Wedding

Hello kitty wedding is a wedding event which is used hello kitty as the theme. Most women are in love with hello kitty. Because of that reason, women want to make hello kitty as the theme. There are some things that should be done in preparing this wedding plan. You should read some steps carefully if you want to make hello kitty wedding theme.

Steps in organizing hello kitty wedding

For the first, you should decide where the hello kitty is put. This means that you will use hello kitty in the wedding invitation or what. For the second, you should choose the color of hello kitty. Hello kitty is identic with pink, if you do not want pink you can choose another color. For the third, you should choose hello kitty decoration.

What kind of thing that can use this theme?

You can use hello kitty in some things, wedding dress for example. You can design your wedding dress with hello kitty there. For example, you can put hello kitty in your laces. Besides that, you can use hello kitty as far as the aisle. Then, you can also put hello kitty in your decorations. Hello kitty balloon sounds great.