Jewish Wedding Traditions

Jewish wedding has a unique and very sacred tradition. The Jews have a term or a distinctive name for the bride and groom. They call groom as Chattan and the bride as Kallah. The bride and groom will be married by a Jew priest with special dedicatory prayers. They also have a special place for a wedding ceremony. This sacred place is called Chuppah. The priest will marry the couple under the Chuppah.

Traditional Traditions In Jewish Wedding

For traditional weddings, the couple must go through a series of specific process before officially become husband and wife. The groom is required to provide precious thins like a ring to the bride. Unlike the wedding tradition in general, in this wedding ring will be worn on the index finger.

The design of wedding rings

Ring for this wedding should be made ​​of real gold. There is a philosophy that requires a ring is made ​​flawless without any ornaments. It symbolizes that the wedding is expected to be long lasting and filled with a simple love and happiness. As a celebration, during a week after the wedding, there will be entertainment dance, music, juggling acts, and acrobats to entertain the guests and relatives who have participated to enliven the wedding.