Elegant Emerald Green Dress

Elegant Emerald Green Dress

Emerald green dress is an elegant dress. This elegant dress can be worn for may occasion such as wedding party, modelling and many more. This dress is very beautiful. The green color of the dress will make you and the person who look at you are fresh. The natural color will make you are perfect, if you wear the dress.

The emerald green dress for a bride

The bride can wear this dress in her wedding party if the theme of the party is natural. The theme will be different with each other. You can choose a long dress or short dress. Both of them will make you are pretty. Diamonds jewelry will make your appearance with this dress are more awesome. You can wear gold earring, diamond bracelet, and diamond necklace. Also, you can wear gold high heel.

Tips for wearing green dress

When you are deciding to wear the green dress for occasion you have to choose it carefully. First, make sure that the dress is fit for you. It is not too big or too small for you. Second, you have to ensure that the dress is not only pretty but also have high quality cloth. You can put green ribbon to make it prettier.