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  • Preparing Ivory Shoes For Wedding

    Ivory shoes for wedding have been enjoyed by most bridal. In that special event, you absolutely want to look more beautiful than usual. In addition, when you are having a wedding party, all of your guests will keep their attention to you. It can be from the performance and the appearance. With such a situation, […]

  • A Couple of Beautiful Silver Wedges for Wedding

    Silver wedges for wedding, what do you think? Do you want to have a pair of it for your wedding? Okay, if you do, then you should know that the silver wedges as your wedding shoes are not designed equally even though, all of them looks so fabulous as wedding shoes. So that to avoid […]

  • Serve the Guests with Candy Bar Wedding

    Candy bar wedding is a good idea to be provided at your wedding reception. If you want to hold a wedding, there are many things you must prepare, included the food and beverage. To serve your guest the best meal, you can provide candy bar. It will be liked not only by kids but also […]

  • Saja Wedding Collections

    Saja Wedding is a bridal line based on Elizabeth Street, New York. It is founded by a Korean Designer called Yoo Lee in 2000. This line is very popular for its simplicity and timeless wedding dress. Saja Wedding: The History Yoo lee found her desire to be a wedding dress designer when she was 10 […]

  • The Adorable Gypsy Wedding

    The Adorable Gypsy Wedding

    Gypsy Wedding is one of wedding concepts that are frequently applied in these days. This becomes a trend that is prevalent throughout the world. This is because the Gypsy has its own style that captivates most people, especially women. The style looks very unique and eccentric. Not only for the wedding concept, but the style […]

  • A Guide To Choose of Vintage Engagement Rings Rose Gold

    A Guide To Choose of Vintage Engagement Rings Rose Gold

    Vintage engagement rings rose gold are a unique and beautiful alternative to your engagement moment. The tradition of giving separate rings for the engagement and the marriage started in Victorian England. The first DeBeers diamond minds in the late 1800s helped increase the popularity of engagement rings. The earliest diamonds were not nearly as brilliant […]

  • Big Fat Greek Wedding Ideas

    Big fat greek wedding is inspired from the Canadian-American movie. Over time, it becomes a concept or theme of the wedding. Just like the movie, it is applied to the Greek wedding. Greece is a rich country of tradition and culture. Furthermore, it also has a historical and art background that is well known throughout […]

  • Deering Estate Wedding Serves You the Best

    Deering Estate Wedding Serves You the Best

    Deering Estate wedding is the perfect choice of many couple to have their wedding organized. You can make your wedding becomes the best wedding ever by having it prepared by the Deering Estate. You can have both the ceremony and reception in a rent place that will be decorated becomes the best place for you […]

  • Gatlinburg Wedding Preparation

    Gatlinburg wedding is a nice wedding which the people want to hold. If there are a man and a woman who decide to get married, of course, they want to have a pretty wedding party. It will be very busy for them to prepare all materials which are needed. Furthermore, this gatlinburg is a nice […]

  • Lebron and Savannah Wedding Design

    Lebron and Savannah Wedding Design

    Lebron and Savannah Wedding has caught many people attention. The wedding of Lebron and Savannah is considered as the exciting wedding. Although the wedding party is closed from phone or camera, many people have guessed that there are many concept designs of their wedding which are really attractive as well. The wedding party is held […]