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  • Elegant Emerald Green Dress

    Elegant Emerald Green Dress

    Emerald green dress is an elegant dress. This elegant dress can be worn for may occasion such as wedding party, modelling and many more. This dress is very beautiful. The green color of the dress will make you and the person who look at you are fresh. The natural color will make you are perfect, […]

  • Find the Best Maternity Formal Dresses

    Find the Best Maternity Formal Dresses

    Maternity formal dresses can be something confusing. It is sometimes little bit ashamed to hide your belly while you have formal occasion. You don’t want to look so tummy and bumpy, but it might be difficult for you to find the best suit ever. You should be thankful for your pregnancy; therefore, you need to […]

  • Special and Hot Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

    Special and Hot Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

    Hot pink bridesmaid dresses are the dresses that are wearing by the bridesmaid. The bridesmaid in one of wedding event has important role before, during, and after the wedding ceremony is held. In a wedding day, it is not only the brides that will look beautiful in wedding event. As a bridesmaid you can also […]

  • Getting Elegant Cocktail Dresses

    Getting Elegant Cocktail Dresses

    Elegant cocktail dressesare something that females should have at least one in their wardrobe. In the history cocktail dress are always styled so long that it often touches the ankle. When the hem of the dress hangs about your mid-calf, it is called tea length while ballerina length refers to when the hem of the dress […]

  • The Appropriate Military Ball Dresses

    The Appropriate Military Ball Dresses

    Military ball dresses are the first thing to be considered other than the shoes, bags, jewelries and hairdo when you are about attending a formal military ball. Choosing an appropriate dress to attend such a formal and annual occasion like military ball might not be an easy thing to do if this is your first […]

  • Dealing with Sequin Shift Dress

    Dealing with Sequin Shift Dress

    Sequin shift dress is a kind of luxury and simplicity blend into an elegance combination. Sequin itself is applying glittery things on your cloth, whether shift dress a kind of dress style that hanging straightly from your shoulders. Sometimes it has sleeves, sometimes it does not. Shift dress actually is elegant enough. However, this elegance […]

  • The Colorful Peacock Dresses

    The Colorful Peacock Dresses

    Peacock dresses have the unique and powerful color blends. As we know, peacock feathers are very beautiful. It becomes an inspiration for designers to create dress based on the color and pattern of the feathers. It can be used for a variety of dresses both for formal and informal models. Many people order the peacock […]

  • Choosing Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

    Choosing Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

    Ivory bridesmaid dresses are rows of best dress for bridesmaids in your wedding day. They have to show their best performance while walking with the bride and groom. As bridesmaid, this ivory dress very recommends for you. Ivory white dress is suitable for you who have traditional, classic, and vintage wedding theme. The color of […]

  • Fabulous Tulle Flower Girl Dresses

    Fabulous Tulle Flower Girl Dresses

    Tulle flower girl dresses should be paid attention because the flower girl comes out first right before the bride and bridesmaid come in. Therefore, by seeing what the flower girl wears, the audience can get first impression and first guess on how the bride will be looked. Tulle netting is a soft, fine silk, cotton […]

  • The Use of Halter Top Dresses

    The Use of Halter Top Dresses

    Halter top dresses is choose usually for evening party and can be used in most of the arty because this dress is a kind of formal dress. Halter can be additional details in every style of your dress such as your gown, your cocktail dress, home coming, and so on. No matter whether your dress […]