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  • Body Type for Trumpet Wedding Dresses

    Body Type for Trumpet Wedding Dresses

    Trumpet wedding dresses are one of the wedding dress types that quite famous. Trumpet seems like mermaid type that has wider skirt in the bottom. However, there are some differences between the trumpet and the mermaid type. The mermaid type flares at the knee, while the trumpet flares at about mid thigh. The trumpet wedding […]

  • White Dresses for Graduation

    White dresses for graduation are the best part for girl teenager clothes for celebrating their best graduation day. Graduation is an important ceremony for them. You have to prepare your special day with a perfect dress. White dress delivers a simplicity and elegance. You can choose long dress or short dress white dress for your […]

  • Completing Light Pink Prom Dresses with Nail Polish

    Completing Light Pink Prom Dresses with Nail Polish

    Light Pink Prom Dresses might be the option for you to prettify your appearance on your prom night. The reason why people choose this color is soft and totally feminine. It is a safe color to make you appealing but not that much. This color presents both cute and beauty, but not hot. You will […]

  • The Elegant Victorian Style Dresses

    The Elegant Victorian Style Dresses

    Victorian style dresses are the long lasting and never ending classic fashion style. Although this kind of style is started since 18th century, but in fact, it remains up to now with some improvement. The idea is still the same, but the way of fashion is adjusted to the demands and popular fashion nowadays. Just […]

  • Rustic Wedding Dresses for Women

    Rustic wedding dresses are completely classic and beautiful. Most women love to wear this kind of dress especially in the summer. Why in the summer? Of course, it will be definitely adorable, because the classic look will be blend with the sand and the summer haze. Rustic and vintage things are getting popular in these […]

  • Popular Of Bridesmaid Dresses with Sleeves

    Popular Of Bridesmaid Dresses with Sleeves

    Bridesmaid dresses with sleeves can be your choices style if the bridesmaid is talking about the dress that they will used it in your wedding. There are many style of the dress and one of it is the dresses is with or without sleeves. Although many people thinks that the dress with sleeves is old […]

  • The Uniqueness of Ethiopian Wedding Dress

    Ethiopian wedding is the most popular wedding ceremony in the world. As we know Ethiopia one of the countries that are on the African continent that have a lot of uniqueness such as traditional clothes, culture, traditional dances, traditional ceremony and the wedding ceremony. In addition, Ethiopia also has a culture unique weddings and ceremonies. […]

  • Fuschia Dress for Wedding Gown

    Fuschia dress show off kind of playful of pink and purple women dress. You can choose this dress if you have felt bored with white, black, or ivory dress. Perhaps, fuschia gives a new color in your dressing style. You will look more colorful with this fuschia dresses. Now, you can list this dress for […]

  • Slimming Dresses for Curvy Body

    Slimming Dresses are actually the answer for you when your diet program is just starting for a couple days but you have to attend a cocktail party and you already need to look in a good shape. You do not want your dress to be a nightmare because and you want to look slimmer and […]

  • Sexy Trumpet Style Wedding Dresses

    Trumpet style wedding dresses will make your appearance perfect on your wedding day. This kind of style is the popular wedding dress style which suitable for you who have a good body shape. The unique design of the trumpet style will expose your beautiful body curves. Sometimes, the wedding dress will make you hard to […]