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  • Plastic Plates for Wedding, Are They Good?

    Plastic plates for wedding, don’t you think that this idea is funny. You know what? If you know where to search, you can find typical plastic plate that can mimic that standard plate. The secret is, the quality of the plastic itself which makes the plastic plate looks just fine even though you use them […]

  • Casual Wedding Attire for Guests

    Casual wedding attire can be your preference to attend a wedding ceremony. Wedding attire is an important thing to prepare for the guests. What to wear in attending a wedding ceremony is truly a thing to put in your consideration. As a guest, you should not wear random clothes, because you should show the best […]

  • Rustic Wedding Cake Is The Simple And Elegant Wedding Cake.

    Rustic Wedding Cake Is The Simple And Elegant Wedding Cake.

    Rustric wedding cakeis wedding cake which is very popular nowadays. As we know, picking a wedding cake is not an easy job. Make a decision to choose a wedding cake is also something is quite difficult, besides the flavor, color and size, cake must also be adapted to the theme of your marriage. However, if […]

  • The Colorful Peacock Wedding Party

    The Colorful Peacock Wedding Party

    Peacock wedding can be a very smart concept for those of you who want to liven up the party. You can use a variety of colors and ornaments that are associated with the peacock as a part of the decoration. Your wedding room will be filled with contrasting colors like green, purple and blue. To […]

  • Wedding Table Linens are Truly Important

    Wedding table linens are certainly things you need to pay attention before holding a wedding party. Of course, there are many things that are more necessary than the table linen, but that does not mean that you can ignore it. The linens of wedding table are various, so that you will have many preferences. However, […]

  • The Great Candle Centerpieces for Wedding

    Candle centerpieces for wedding mean that the centerpieces of candle that we can use or prepare for the wedding party. The function of the thing is of course to make the room where we hold the party looks more beautiful and also to create warm atmosphere in the wedding place. The candle will also create […]

  • Navy Blue and Coral Wedding Ideas

    Navy Blue and Coral Wedding Ideas

    Navy blue and coral wedding is a good option to do. By having this navy blue and coral for your wedding, you will look more elegant. Besides that, you will be the center of many people attention since you will put on a different wedding dress among your guests. Can you imagine that? How to […]

  • Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gifts for Your Guests

    Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gifts for Your Guests

    Choosing a memorable and thoughtful wedding gifts for guests at your wedding is one of the details worth considering. After all, showing your appreciation for your loved ones because they help you celebrate your big day is the most appropriate. Wedding party gifts are a must for every bride who helps with the planning and […]

  • The Romantic Disney Princess Wedding

    The Romantic Disney Princess Wedding

    Disney Princess Wedding will be the very romantic wedding theme for the important moment in your life. Are you one of Disney Princess lovers? You must know the things that Disney Princess has on her wedding. It is one of the romantic that you can apply on your wedding. The special and unique wedding theme […]

  • Navy Blue Wedding Decorations

    Navy Blue Wedding Decorations

    For most modern couples, the use of blue wedding decorations in their weddings symbolizes unity and grandeur. Also the color blue adds class and elegance to any kinds of weddings, be it a formal wedding or a casual one. And there are plenty of shades to choose from with this color, just be careful in […]