Category: Engagement

  • Jewish Wedding Traditions

    Jewish wedding has a unique and very sacred tradition. The Jews have a term or a distinctive name for the bride and groom. They call groom as Chattan and the bride as Kallah. The bride and groom will be married by a Jew priest with special dedicatory prayers. They also have a special place for […]

  • Being Perfect with Crochet Maxi Dress

    Crochet maxi dress offers you a best fashion style for you daily. You will feel fresh and stylish with this dress. There are varieties of designs and size for women. Commonly, this type of long dress has kinds of price which adjust with its designs. This is time for you to prepare your money to […]

  • Choosing Matching Wedding Bands

    Matching wedding bands are surely what people look for. Wedding bands are completely important for the couple in their wedding. It is a kind of symbol of the faith and love that they will grow in their marriage. The matching bands will show the equality and the harmony between the bride and the groom. The […]

  • Fashion and Functional of Napkins for Wedding

    Napkins for wedding, recently, come in wide array variation to pick. It is not only as something that is used for its function, but more than that it brings certain look toward the wedding itself. Thus, since napkins that you use for wedding needs are available in many options, then you can easily pick the […]