Casual Wedding Attire for Guests

Casual wedding attire can be your preference to attend a wedding ceremony. Wedding attire is an important thing to prepare for the guests. What to wear in attending a wedding ceremony is truly a thing to put in your consideration. As a guest, you should not wear random clothes, because you should show the best of you primarily to respect the host. Being casual can be a clear choice in attending the ceremony, because casual style is probably the best wearing in attending party as a guest.

Casual Wedding Attire for Men

For men, it is truly a must to wear casual and simple clothes in a wedding. There are several tips that men can wear for attending a wedding. Firstly, it is better to wear a suit. A simple suit will be really fascinating, but wearing a vest without a suit is fine. Then, wear a simple color combination. You should not wear too many colors, and just pick simple colors, such as black, grey, blue, or white.

Grey Wedding Attire

Grey is the one of the most attractive color for wedding attire as a guest, especially in the summer. Combining grey suit with white shirt will be adorable. You could pick black or grey for the trouser. You could wear a black tie or bow tie, but not wearing a tie is also nice.