Butterfly Release Wedding for Your Wedding Idea

Butterfly release wedding, have you ever heard about it? It seems quite new for you, but the fact that this way can make your outdoor weeding ceremony looks adorable is undeniable. So, do you want to have such wedding that include butterfly release on it? Then, you must be careful to pick a company that gives you such live butterfly for you to release on your wedding.

How To Create Butterfly Release Wedding

Actually, it is quite simple to celebrate such wedding with butterfly release since you only need to find kind of butterflies and put them altogether inside kind of decorative box to be relieved in certain time in your wedding. But, the problem is to find the butterfly to release for your wedding. Since, you can’t catch them by yourself, and then you need to hire certain butterfly provider that available for that kind of service for wedding.

How Much To Have Butterfly Release For Wedding

Yes, it is true that the price may be varied. Since, it depends on where you purchase your butterfly. But approximately you will spend about $120 for 1-2 dozen of butterfly, $115 for 3-7 dozen butterfly and $110 for more than 8 dozen butterfly. However, the price can be reduced if somehow there is kind of certain special offering for customers