Body Type for Trumpet Wedding Dresses

Body Type for Trumpet Wedding Dresses

Trumpet wedding dresses are one of the wedding dress types that quite famous. Trumpet seems like mermaid type that has wider skirt in the bottom. However, there are some differences between the trumpet and the mermaid type. The mermaid type flares at the knee, while the trumpet flares at about mid thigh. The trumpet wedding dress will be suitable with tall women which has long leg, so that the skirt will be flattering the legs. Then, it is also suitable with the rectangular shaped woman that has flat chest.

Trumpet Wedding Dresses for Summer

Summer is the best time to hold a wedding, and trumpet wedding dress will be very beautiful to wear. Indeed, trumpet is a nice dress that shows a gorgeous skirt in the bottom of the dress. White seems the best color to pick when you want to wear trumpet dress in the summer. Besides, it will be totally gorgeous if you are going to wear it with beautiful designed trumpet dress. For the sleeve, it will be nice if you wear the sleeveless one, but the cap sleeve is fine. Then about the necklace, the surplice and V-neck will be a great idea.

Knee Length Summer Wedding Dress

In choosing summer wedding dress, it is actually easy, because it is better for you to pick the simple one. The knee length will be more awesome, because it seems simpler and relaxing. It also brings the combination between elegant look with the cuteness.