Big Fat Greek Wedding Ideas

Big fat greek wedding is inspired from the Canadian-American movie. Over time, it becomes a concept or theme of the wedding. Just like the movie, it is applied to the Greek wedding. Greece is a rich country of tradition and culture. Furthermore, it also has a historical and art background that is well known throughout the world. Greek wedding contains the rituals that are associated with the worship of Greek gods.

The dress of big fat Greek wedding

Since the wedding is still thick with traditional custom, the bride wears a white long dress like in the marriage in general. It looks formal and polite because the dress has long sleeves and a closed design. Bride wears gloves and holding a pinch of sugar as a symbol of eternal love.

Greek wedding myths

It is the same as the other wedding traditions. The bride and groom in Greek wedding also did exchange rings in front of family and friends. The wedding ceremony is done after the engagement process. There is always a festive party after wedding ceremony. In addition, there is a ribbon cutting ceremony when the couple enters the marriage altar. The couple should circles the altar three times when the guests throw rice or sweet almond. When around the altar, the couple took three sips of wine that has been prepared.