Adorable Purple and Turquoise Wedding Decoration

Purple and turquoise wedding can be nice combination color for decoration. Some people choose themed wedding to make it look more awesome. The color choice really can make your wedding décor look special. Even though some people prefer to choose white for their wedding, you might want to try the beautiful colors like purple and turquoise to decorate your wedding party.

Purple And Turquoise Wedding Décor Designs

If you want to have a beautiful wedding décor, you might try to combine purple and turquoise. It will create a peacock look on your wedding receptions. You can treat the ceiling with these colors for the wrappings, or to cover the table and chairs. The other decorations like flowers can be chosen with these colors. Moreover, the bride dress and cake can also be decorated with this colors combination.

Purple And Turquoise On The Wedding Cake And Dress

To complete the look, you can choose the cake design with these colors too. It is absolutely able to be a centerpiece of the wedding that can attract the guests’ attention. Furthermore, to be different, you can choose the bride gown with these colors. It is because nowadays, white or ivory does not become the only one choice for the wedding dress.